Custom Newborn Portraits Created Using Sentimental Items


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  1. Dorothy Reed says:

    I love the different ideas. I definitely would have overlooked these details. Thanks!

  2. Brandi Price says:

    Can we create the baseball photos with my teenage boys!?!? I love it so much!
    Newborn photos with mom and dads wedding rings are so precious. That is one of my favorites from my son’s baby photos.

    • Ashleigh Maxey says:

      Thank you so much, Brandi! My favorites are always wedding rings and sports photos for newborns as well!

  3. Carla Lehman says:

    Gorgeous, well planned and curated sessions that are a level up from a traditional newborn portrait. Incorporating heirlooms that tell a story of legacy get these babes off to a beautiful start!

  4. Jody Autumn says:

    These personalizations are so adorable and unique. I LOVE that you allow families to bring a special part of their lives into these memorable sessions. Stunning work.

    • Ashleigh Maxey says:

      Thanks so much, Jody! I love customizing newborn photos to fit each family’s unique style, hobbies and lives. It’s my favorite part of being a creative!

  5. Ashleigh, your newborn photography amazes me every time I read your blog! So many great ideas!

  6. Andrea says:

    Gotta love the cuddly newborn photos with the most precious sentimental items for mom and dad. They are all adorable. I love the baseball mitt the best!

    • Ashleigh Maxey says:

      Oh thank you so much, Andrea! That’s such a compliment coming from you! And the baseball mitt one is definitely one of my favorites too!

  7. Jodi Major says:

    Your custom newborn portraits are absolutely stunning. I love how you’ve captured special moments in these family’s lives!


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