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August 28, 2023

When to Book Your Newborn Photos | Our Process Explained

A professional photographer’s advice on the best time to book your newborn photos, and why!

As an expecting mom, I know you have so much on your plate already: prepping for your new baby, designing and decorating the nursery and likely caring for older children on top of work and household chores. While you’re still pregnant it may seem silly to think about when to book your newborn photos, but availability goes fast and you do not want to be scrambling to find a photographer after the baby is born! I hope you take a moment to check off reserving your newborn photos during your pregnancy from your to-do list!

when is the best time to book your newborn photo session?

Babies tend to have their own plan for when they will be born, but we base the availability for newborn sessions around your due date. We offer only a handful of sessions per month based on that date. I recommend my clients reach out to me anywhere between 24 and 35 weeks pregnant so that we can ensure there is enough room on the calendar, plan the perfect session, and avoid any rush if the baby decides to come early.

Since babies rarely ever come on their due dates, we hold the sessions without a specific date. Once the baby is born, I ask parents to send me a text to let me know and we can schedule the session date at that point.

how to book newborn photos

step 1: inquire with your photographer early

I know it seems silly to inquire about a session that you don’t have a set date for, but I promise it’s normal! Availability for booking newborn photos is based on your due date – so the sooner you inquire, the more likely it is that a session will be available around your due date.

You will receive a magazine that explains the differences in each session, the different product collections offered, and reviews from past clients once you submit your inquiry. At the back of the guide, there is a link to schedule your consultation, where we can chat about which session might be the best fit for you.

step 2: your consultation

We can hold your booking consultation via FaceTime, a Google Meet video call, or a plain old phone call – whichever is easiest for you!

During this conversation, we will chat about the differences between each session, which might be a good fit for you, and discuss any questions you might have. I will also send over your invoice for your booking fee, and once paid, we will reserve your session just for you!

step 3: session planning + preparation

Once you have booked your newborn photos, the fun can begin: planning your session! We will schedule time to discuss colors, a theme, your overall vision for your session and any heirloom items you plan to bring with you. Check out my post on prepping for your newborn photos for more tips on getting the best results from your session!

step 4: text me!

Once the baby arrives, please send me a text to inform me, so that we can schedule a date for your session! Regardless of whether the baby is born before or after their due date, all booked clients will be guaranteed a session, as long as they text me promptly. It is recommended to select a date within 21 days of birth, so the sooner you text me, the better!

I specialize in studio newborn portraits and am located just south of OKC. Clients from Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, Yukon, Mustang, Newcastle, Tuttle, Edmond, and surrounding areas come to me. I am currently booking newborn sessions for moms due in Oct/Nov 2023. We have only 8 newborn sessions available per month, and they are reserved based on your due date. Inquire here or email me at to find out if your due date is available. I would be thrilled to celebrate this time in your life with you!

  1. Ashleigh, you’ve covered so many important things for new parents to remember when they’re looking for a newborn photographer! I love that your clients are guaranteed a spot on the calendar, even if the baby is early or late. Prepping for your newborn session will make it less stressful for everyone!

  2. Susan says:

    So many helpful hints for planning a Newborn Photo Session!

  3. Brandi Price says:

    Definitely take the stress off by booking your newborn session early! Don’t wait until you have already delivered and then have to scramble to find a photographer.

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