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September 7, 2023

Five Questions to Ask a Newborn Photographer Before Booking

how to know that your newborn is in the safest hands

As a parent, one of the most precious moments you will experience is the birth of your newborn baby. Those early days are filled with wonder, joy, and countless memories that you will want to cherish forever. In order to keep your little one safe, it’s important that you research and ask your newborn photographer about their experience and skill. Choosing the right photographer is crucial in preserving these memories in a way that reflects the beauty and innocence of your baby. However it’s extremely important that you do your due diligence when seeking out a newborn photographer.

top five questions to ask a newborn photographer before booking a session

Understanding newborn safety in photography

Before diving into the top 5 questions you should ask your newborn photographer, it’s essential to understand the significance of newborn safety in photography. Newborns are delicate beings, and their safety should be the top priority during any photoshoot. A true professional newborn photographer will prioritize safety above all else, ensuring that your baby is comfortable and secure throughout the session.

When researching photographers, inquire about their experience and training in newborn safety. Ask if they have received any certifications or attended workshops specifically focused on newborn photography. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your photographer is well-versed in safe baby poses and understands how to handle newborns with care. Additionally, inquire about the safety measures they have in place in their studio, such as sanitization protocols and safe handling practices. By prioritizing newborn safety, you can rest assured that your baby will be in good hands.

showing experience in complicated posing and baby safety

Five questions to ask your newborn photographer

  • What experience do you have in newborn photography? When choosing a newborn photographer, it’s crucial to inquire about their experience in this specialized field. Newborn photography requires a unique set of skills and patience to capture those adorable, sleepy poses.

I have been photographing newborns since 2019, and have experience handling over 200 babies and counting.

  • Can you provide references from previous clients? Asking for references is an excellent way to gauge the satisfaction of previous clients. A reputable newborn photographer will be more than happy to provide you with references or testimonials from happy parents.

I have many glowing reviews on Facebook and Google from happy clients, just like you!

What safety precautions should a photographer have in place for newborn photos?
  • What safety precautions do you have in place during the photoshoot? As mentioned earlier, newborn safety is of utmost importance during a photoshoot. Inquire about the safety precautions your photographer takes to ensure the well-being of your baby.

I have been certified in newborn photography safety from the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International. Additionally, all of my props and hard surfaces (changing table, counter tops, etc) between uses. Swaddles, blankets and fabric layers are laundered between uses as well, especially if baby has a blowout.

  • Do you have a backup plan in case my baby is fussy or uncooperative? Babies can be unpredictable, and they may not always be in the mood for a photoshoot. A skilled photographer will be patient and adaptable, allowing for breaks and adjustments to accommodate your baby’s needs. Flexibility is key when working with newborns.

Sometimes babies have hard days, just like grown ups. I will pull out all the stops and do everything I can to calm them, but sometimes a reschedule is necessary. If this happens I will let you know, and offer the next available date.

  • Do you work with an assistant or someone else to help ensure baby’s safety? It’s always safest to have extra hands on board when it comes to little ones. Babies have unpredictable reflexes which cause them to move suddenly. Assistants can stay close by to monitor baby and keep baby safe during prop poses.

My assistant is also a photographer herself, and is also trained in baby safety. There will be a set of hands on your baby at all times. This is especially important for poses such as the “froggy” and “potato” poses.

How do I make sure my newborn is safe during photos?

Capturing timeless memories with a skilled newborn photographer

Choosing a professional newborn photographer is an investment in capturing timeless memories of your precious bundle of joy. By asking the right questions and prioritizing newborn safety, you can ensure that your baby is in good hands. Remember to inquire about the photographer’s experience, ask for references, and clarify their safety precautions.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation with Ashleigh and capture the beauty and innocence of your baby’s early days. Don’t miss out on preserving these precious memories!

Photos by Ashleigh is a professional newborn photographer serving Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Ashleigh has availability for 5 newborns per month, based on due date. Reserve your session during pregnancy and text Ashleigh when baby is born to schedule. See more of Ashleigh’s work here.

what questions should I ask a newborn photographer before booking?
  1. Brandi says:

    There is no picture that is more important than the safety of these sweet newborns. I am so thankful that you are sharing these important questions that new mamas need to ask a photographer before they hire them to work with their sweet babies!

  2. These are very important questions that EVERY new mom should be asking before hiring a newborn photographer, especially the part about safety! Many people don’t realize that anyone with a camera can take photos, there is no regulation, but it takes a lot of training and experience to handle and pose a newborn correctly to keep them safe. So glad you shared this, Ashleigh!

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