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February 25, 2024

Spring Maternity Photos | Preparing for Your Maternity Photos

Tips for Preparing for Your Outdoor Spring Maternity Photos

As the flowers bloom and the world awakens from its winter slumber, spring emerges as an idyllic backdrop for capturing the beauty and essence of maternity. For expectant mothers, a maternity photoshoot is a unique way to commemorate this special time. As a photographer, guiding my clients through this experience not only ensures stunning photographs but also creates cherished memories. Below are some essential tips to help prepare for a spring maternity photoshoot from a photographer’s perspective.

Planning the Session

1. Timing is Key

  • Consider the Golden Hour: The soft, golden light just after sunrise or before sunset provides a beautiful, flattering glow. This magical lighting accentuates the pregnancy shape and adds a dreamy quality to the photos.
  • Schedule Accordingly: Generally, scheduling the shoot between 28 to 36 weeks is ideal. This timeframe usually showcases a well-defined baby bump while ensuring you are still comfortable and the pains of late pregnancy are still farther out.

2. Location, Location, Location

  • Choose Wisely: To really embrace the springtime beauty, choose locations that are full of flowers or lush greenery – such as the Will Rogers Gardens, Myriad Botanical Gardens or Bluff Creek Park. These are all locations that I personally have photographed many sessions at and can vouch for how gorgeous they are in the spring time!

Styling and Wardrobe

3. Dress for the Occasion

  • Flowy and Feminine: I strongly encourage attire that is comfortable yet flattering. Flowy dresses or skirts can highlight the baby bump beautifully while blending with the natural surroundings. My Studio Wardrobe has many different dresses that are bump friendly and photograph beautifully!
  • Coordinate Colors: Soft, pastel colors or floral patterns match the spring theme. If you have a pattern that you love, I encourage it to be a smaller print. It’s important to avoid overly busy patterns that could distract from you as the main subject.

4. Accessorize Thoughtfully

  • Simple is Effective: A few well-chosen accessories can enhance the overall look. Think floral crowns, a delicate necklace, or a shawl. These elements should complement your outfit without overpowering it.

We will also discuss all details of your shoot – from location to outfits and accessories – at your session planning appointment. This appointment takes place very soon after booking and can be done virtually, over the phone or in person at the studio.

During the Photoshoot

5. Focus on Connection

  • Capture Emotions: I will guide you through a series of tried and true poses that capture your connection to your partner, your older children and the child you are carrying. Not sure what to do with your hands? No worries – I’ve got you!
  • Incorporate Props: Sometimes, props like baby shoes or an ultrasound photo can add a personal touch. However I tend to use them sparingly to keep the focus on you and your connection with the baby and your family.
  • Get Ready to Move: We won’t just be standing for your maternity poses. There’s a very likely chance I’ll ask you to walk, twirl, dance, kiss, sit and laugh with your partner and/or older children during your session. We want to capture those posed and perfect portraits but also the candid, fun and playful images as well.

A spring maternity photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity to capture the beauty and emotion of this significant life event. My job as your photographer is to tell your story and create beautiful memories for you to look back on and treasure for generations.

If you’re expecting a new little bundle of joy this spring I would be thrilled to get you on my calendar for Maternity and/or Newborn portraits as well.

Photos by Ashleigh is a professional Maternity, Newborn and Child portrait artist proudly serving Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman and surrounding areas. Ashleigh has availability for up to 8 clients per month on a first come, first served basis so be sure to request a session as soon as possible for best availability!

  1. I love the tips you offer about creating the best spring maternity photos! Each family looks so beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera because you take the time to prep them. It makes a huge difference!

  2. Susan says:

    Love these tips for ensuring a great Maternity Portrait Session–prepartion is so important!

  3. Jody Autumn says:

    These spring maternity photos in OKC are showstopping. I always regret not having maternity photos. I didn’t feel pretty or “glowing”. Looking back, I was so wrong. Get the photos taken!!

  4. Jodi Major says:

    Awesome tips for spring maternity photos. I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about spring photo shoots!

  5. Brandi says:

    These are gorgeous outdoor maternity pictures in the OKC area! I love all the tips you give your clients for preparing for a session!

  6. Carla Lehman says:

    I love the individuality in each session, lovely!

  7. Jeanine Offer Krupp says:

    Aww! I love these maternity portraits and the tips that you share are very important! A good plan and a great photographer are a winning combination!

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