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August 1, 2023

Boho Bliss : Newborn Photos for Baby Girl with Fall Tones and Loads of Texture

Welcome Baby Pearson!

Miss Pearson is the second born baby girl to her mom Shelby and dad Zac, and it’s so plain to see that big sister Huntley is completely in love with her new built in best friend! We only had a few short days to plan this session, as Pearson was already born when mom reached out to book. But no matter – with our fully stocked studio and a conversation about mom’s vision, we were able to put together a beautiful and cohesive gallery of photos that perfectly highlighted this family’s love, bond and excitement over baby Pearson.

After knocking out some must-have family photos and a few with big sister Huntley, we moved on to miss Pearson by herself. I like to start my sessions with baby fully wrapped, as this helps keep them settled, warm and feeling comfy. As the session moves along we will slowly unwrap as baby allows to get those sweet unwrapped shots as well, but I like to start all cozied up like a baby potato!

For this set, I adore how we tied in all of the different textures – the lace from the swaddle, the knit layer under baby and on the pillow, the soft curly fluff layer inside the crate and even the woven rugs on the floor. All of these different elements add dimension and detail to the images while not distracting from the star of the show: Pearson.

Our next set involved even more texture, color and her sweet piggie toes! As Pearson started to settle down and sleep even harder, I was able to remove her swaddles little by little for a variety of looks and to capture all of her precious, tiny features.

When prepping for her session, Shelby let me know that she followed my Newborn Prep Guide, which included tips such as keeping Pearson awake prior to the session, giving her a big feeding and dressing her in loose clothing; as well as gave Pearson a nice, warm bath before her session. This all helped her sleep peacefully through her session and made posing her a breeze! She was a dream client!

Once I knew she was in a nice, deep sleep, I turned my space heater up a bit and removed the rest of her wraps. I knew this little wooden bed would go perfectly with Shelby’s boho vision for her photos and tie in nicely with the rest of her session, so of course we had to use it and I opted for a belly-down pose for some added variety. The knit bonnet with ribbon ties added a different texture, and her little curls peeking out were just darling!!

Posing babies on their bellies takes a bit of skill, patience and practice and should only be done if the photographer is knowledgeable about baby’s anatomy, the signs of positional asphyxiation and baby safety! While in this position, it’s important to keep her little hands directly under her mandible (chin bone) and not pushed back against her throat – blocking her tiny airway! I recommend newer photographers have an experienced mentor present to assist and help if needed.

During the session I heard Shelby mention that she absolutely loved cheetah print, and I just so happened to have a fabric backdrop that I hadn’t had the opportunity to use yet. I also love cheetah print, and was so excited to pull this beauty out and show it off! Mom was so excited, and Pearson settled right into the froggy pose with ease. Look at those adorable little cheeks!!

Please note: for safety purposes, this pose should only be done by experienced photographers or with an experienced mentor present, and should not be attempted unless you have been trained in baby safety.

Creative Newborn Photos in Oklahoma City

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  1. Brandi Price says:

    I love the fall tones and textures of this newborn session. It’s always great when the parents and siblings jump in on the fun too! These are great images to capture this special time in this growing families life.

  2. Wow Ashleigh! Every single one of these newborn photos is absolutely beautiful! I love the fall colors and the portraits of the siblings together are so precious!

  3. Jody A. says:

    What beautiful images! Love how you were create yet cohesive in this gallery! They are going to look stunning hung on the wall!

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