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July 17, 2023

Capturing Timeless Moments: A Newborn Baby Boy Photo Session in OKC with Soft Neutrals and Rustic Wood Textures

Welcome, baby Benjamin!

Baby Benjamin is Yesi and Paul’s very first baby, and mom and dad were so excited to plan his first photoshoot with me! They reserved their session in January for their end of April due date, so we had tons of time to plan out the perfect newborn session with the right colors, textures, poses and details! I usually like to begin my newborn sessions with family portraits, so baby is swaddled and relaxed but still with mommy and daddy.

When you’re planning your newborn session, it’s best to go for neutrals or muted tones for your wardrobe. These colors tend to go nicely with any backdrop, and small prints or solid colors allow the eye to be drawn to the most important parts of the image – you and your beautiful family!


Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful, and this gorgeous backlit family photo is QUICKLY becoming one of my absolute favorite poses. It almost feels like the world around mom and dad has just stopped, and everything is now revolving around the sweet new life between them. The angelic backlight creates an emotion in this pose that is overwhelming, and I love to include it in each session!


I also loved that these two new parents brought in second outfits to change into for more family portraits! It added variety and more favorite images to their gallery! For this second look, we decided to wrap baby Benjamin in a blue swaddle to bring out the cool tones in mom’s dress and dad’s shirt, and we left his sweet little toes out – my heart was just mush!


When planning the session, Yesi let me know that Paul is a big fan of Spiderman and asked if we could recreate a photo she found on Pinterest that she knew Paul would love. Challenge accepted! I ordered a special Spiderman jammie set from The Knitting Bitty and it was the CUTEST little set I had ever seen! With some careful posing and a touch of photoshop magic, baby Benjamin was the most adorable baby Spiderman we had ever seen!


Moving on to Benjamin’s photos by himself, we went with something neutral, classic and timeless – incorporating some neutral tones, a sweet sleepy hat and some gorgeous textures. I just love adding in little stuffed animals, adding and removing hats or bonnets and capturing different angles on one set up to add variety to the gallery without disturbing a sweet, sleeping baby!

This set is also the perfect one to capture photos of baby’s tiny details – eyes, nose, hands, lips, etc. – before they change drastically over the next few weeks and months! This is why it’s so incredibly important to get these photos done early; babies are only newborns for four short weeks, and then the time to capture their newborn photos is gone forever.


Once we knew he was sleeping peacefully and had a full tummy, I transitioned Benjamin into my favorite Everlasting Bucket from Hello Little Props. Because dad is in the Air Force, we decided this was the perfect time to incorporate his uniform to make these photos extra personalized. To incorporate their last name on dad’s nametag, Benjamin came out of the bucket and laid on dad’s jacket.

Using the same wood plank flooring, we removed the military uniform and also captured some beautiful classic bucket photos. This bucket is one of my favorite props to use because the outside is magnetic, and outer shells called “bucket huggers” can be purchased in many different designs, colors, themes, etc. to change up the look of one single bucket! Goodbye to storing a million props!


Benjamin cruised through these sets, and he barely made a peep as I moved him to my posing table and stripped off everything but his diaper. My studio is warm year round, and I always have a space heater close by to make sure babies are always comfy, calm and happy.

These photos are some of my favorite because they show off their chubby little cheeks, sweet back rolls and ALL. THAT. HAIR!!


At the end of the session, mom spotted one of my newborn beds and loved it, so of course we had to use it for our final set up! It paired nicely with a set of white newborn pajamas, my white teddy bear and a white wood plank floor. We added some texture in the form of a baby sized jute “rug” under the bed for a final detail. It’s clear Benjamin was very comfy and enjoyed himself as he shared a sweet sleepy grin in one of our final images of the session.

It was such an incredible joy to work with Yesi, Paul and newborn baby Benjamin. I especially loved all of the personal details and touches we were able to incorporate into this session!

If you or someone you know is looking for a professional newborn or kids photographer in the Oklahoma City, OK area, be sure to visit my website for more information regarding a session with me. You can also check out more of the blog as well as Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, tips and tricks for your next photoshoot!

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  1. Dorothy Reed says:

    How flipping cute. I love how personalized it is for their family. It all turned out great!

  2. Susan says:

    These are the sweetest baby boy photos—especially Spider-Man!

  3. Carla Lehman says:

    I can’t even… What a gift you have given this family. Your images are INCREDIBLE. Little baby Benjamin Spiderman… Way to knock it out of the park!!

  4. Ashleigh, your newborn photography is gorgeous!! I love all the props you chose to incorporate and that makes them even more special for the family. Beautiful work!

  5. Jody Yowell says:

    This gallery is so stunning. I love the variety you captured for this family. Oklahoma City Newborn families are so blessed to have you in their area.

  6. Absolutely amazing photos of this newborn boy. You have captured for Mom and Dad a perfect slice of this newborn stage for them to remember for a lifetime. Gorgeous work!

  7. Brandi says:

    I love how the overall tone is neutral! Those are my favorite types of newborn photos. BUT, the fact that you were able to create such an amazing photo with something that dad loves is incredible! That Spiderman newborn photo is perfection!

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